Fresh Free Range Organic Chicken Maryland

Fresh Organic Chicken Maryland

Combining two favourites, the drumstick and thigh, Inglewood Organic Chicken Marylands are a truly delicious dinner favourite.  Add in Inglewood chickens’ famous crispy skin and you have the perfect adult and child friendly option you can come back to time and time again.

Due to a life outdoors and living up to twice as long, Inglewood Organic Chickens have more muscle mass than regular chicken, with superior flavour and texture as well.  By cooking the meat on the bone, many of our customer say there is a real depth of flavour which sets Inglewood Organic Chicken apart and brings warm memories of how Grandma’s chicken used to taste!  Marylands are perfect marinated, barbecued, roasted or grilled.  See our Inglewood Organic Chicken Recipes for cooking inspiration, tips and tricks.

For best results, cook slower than you would regular/conventional chicken. Once cooked, remove from the heat and cover to prevent any loss of moisture.



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